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Time flies when you draw

2014-08-25 17:39:39 by CausticHarmony

Hey Harmony here :3
Have been 2 weeks since i came to newgrounds.
I did set a goal, it was to draw something once per day.
And like i said I have drawn new stuff each day, always trying to work something that i never did before(after all this is just an excuse to draw more and improve).
But i have been struggling with the themes, so i end up with a dull drawings that dont pass the quality test that caustic set up for me.

Thats why i´ll also start the "100 theme challenge" on top of my "1 day 1 drawing".

The first theme is "Introduction"

So here it is Caustic Harmony and Deep Harmony

Hope you like it.
Next theme is "Love" so that should be fun

If you like those also check Bright & Lovely (contains nudity) I think that is my most successful drawing till now (mainly because it has a lot of views and votes :p)
Based on Kenohsama character Loly from "Living with Loly"

Now that i think about it my drawings with nudity are the most popular... mmmh

Well like i said last time if you have requeste i'll be happy to oblige and hope you join me in this journey :D

Harmony taking off



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